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Home renovations are often done to enhance a home's appearance, increase its value as a stable income source, increase resale value, and turn a profit when selling. Homeowners may also want to make their homes more energy-efficient, green, or sustainable. Over time, personal preferences may change, leading to renovations for aesthetics, comfort, or functionality.

Investing in a brick-and-mortar space can turn a workspace into an asset, fueling a business for years. Commercial building renovation professionals have the experience and technical know-how to transform your workspace into a valuable asset.

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Commercial Building Renovation Solutions


Our specialty is transforming common lawns into exquisite gardens by combining style and utility to create vibrant areas.

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Lawn Care

Our industry-leading methods and science-based solutions for property care and maintenance ensure a lush, green, and sustainably healthy lawn. This is a dependable path to a lush, healthy lawn.

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Tree Removal & Cutting

Besides tree removal, stump grinding, and tree pruning, we also provide tree services. When selecting tree trimming services, we discuss the arborist's plans and consider different aspects.

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Shrub Pruning

Our local commercial renovation experts assess tree growth before pruning since providing the best services for optimal tree health is crucial.

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The landscaping method known as "hardscaping" improves the structure and use of outdoor areas such as patios, sitting areas, and groomed paths. We provide landscape-material-built elements such as pools, retaining walls, water features, fire pits, landscape lighting, grill surrounds, and pergolas.

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Deck Building

Our deck construction service covers all necessary supplies, labor, and permits. A group of experts will provide various services to guarantee that your new home addition is a wonderful addition and that you have a pleasant experience.

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Fence Installation

We can install the ideal fence in your yard, whether your goals are seclusion, security, or beauty! Producing and installing concrete fencing items is our primary emphasis.

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Our local commercial renovation experts' snow removal services make clearing driveways this winter easier, while snow plowing entails clearing the property and moving snow to an accessible spot.

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Buffalo's Commercial Renovation Trends

Mixed-Use Development and Workspace Trends

  • Mixed-use development is gaining popularity due to its convenience and impact on modern lifestyles.
  • The trend has expanded into the suburbs, with plans for the Residences at CrossPoint in Amherst, adding 200 new apartments to CrossPoint Business Park.
  • Cities worldwide are establishing innovation districts to enhance commercial real estate's connection with the community.

Eastern Hills Mall Redevelopment

  • Plans are underway for the Eastern Hills Mall in Clarence to convert into Lifestyle and Town Centers.
  • The mall is expected to include approximately 1,500 residential units, 1 sqft of office space, restaurants, a brewery, and parks for outdoor events.

Reconsidering Workspace Function

  • The shift towards hybrid work has led to reconsidering workspace functions.
  • HANSA Workspace on Ellicott Street in the Central Business District offers a range of coworking, small office, and large office team suites. We provide you with the best office renovation Buffalo, NY.
  • The space is attractive to businesses and employees, with two of Buffalo's newest tech companies, Rural Sourcing and Torch Labs, building their teams there.

Local Regulations and Permits: Building Permits in New York State Code

  1. Building permits that conform to the Uniform Code are required for work.
  2. Exemptions from permit requirements include construction or installation of one-story detached structures, swings and playground equipment, swimming pools, fences, retaining walls, temporary stage sets, window awnings, partitions, movable cases, painting, wallpapering, tiling, carpeting, and listed portable equipment.
  3. Equipment replacements must not alter the equipment's listing or render it inconsistent with its original specifications.
  4. Building renovation services, Buffalo, NY, should consider that repairs must not involve the removal or cutaway of a load-bearing wall, partition, structural beam, or load-bearing component.
  5. Relocation, replacement, enlargement, or alteration of any building system is prohibited.
  6. Removal from service of all or part of a fire protection system for any period is not allowed.

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Cost Factors and Estimates

The average cost of commercial renovations varies greatly per square foot, ranging from $30 per sq. ft. to over $300 per sq. ft. Design-build construction firms can provide a sense of project cost based on various factors.

Commercial Renovation Cost Factors

Renovation prices may vary depending on the building's intended use because of unique fixtures, equipment, and other elements. Adaptive reuse renovations typically result in the highest commercial renovation expenditures. Location-specific qualities such as proximity to coasts, regional climate, and other thriving businesses in the area can drive up costs.

Adding Building Amenities

Adding upgrades and enhancements like a kitchen, more bathrooms, a gym, or showers can make the building feel completely new. Investing in systems and materials from a good home improvement contractor, Buffalo, NY, is also a consideration.

Updated Electrical Systems

Renovating your commercial building can improve comfort and efficiency by replacing air conditioning, heating, and plumbing fixtures. HVAC installation costs are around $3 per square foot.

Building Permit Fees

Permit fees depend on the project's location and the type of work being performed. Large-scale developments in big cities may grow expensive.

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