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Create your personalized oasis with Low-Maintenance Landscaping Services by Ashton Services.


Landscaping your home in Buffalo, NY, goes beyond the aesthetics. It's all about creating your sanctuary. At Ashton Services, we work hard to transform your outdoor space into a delight to the eye landscape.

We serve Buffalo, NY, including the suburban areas of Blasdell and Boston, to deliver bespoke, low-maintenance landscaping services. We understand that landscaping maintenance requires constant upkeep, so we offer it to you at extremely low prices.

Why hire Ashton Services?

 Are you ready to enjoy an aesthetically designed landscape that requires minimal maintenance? Opt for our low-maintenance landscaping services this spring?

We at Ashton Services will design your landscape to require low maintenance so you can enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle.

Do you know the elements of landscape? Every landscape blends two key aspects: hardscapes and scapes. Hardscapes refer to patios, walkways, walls, water features, or any other permanently built structures. These structures give the landscape framework and functionality. On the other hand, scapes are the plants, trees, shrubs, and gardens, which are the living elements. An ideal landscape integrates hardscapes and scapes to deliver a balanced outdoor haven. 

And, to help you with you further, our landscape experts share a few valuable Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas:

  • Simple Backyard Landscape Design:

    Opt for clean lines and do away with complicated layouts

    • Have pathways with gravel or mulch
    • Use pavers for designated seating spaces
    • Have raised garden beds for easy access
  • Low-Maintenance Landscape Design:
  • Adorn your landscape with plants that grow well in your region and its climate to reduce the need for watering and pest control.

  • Low-Maintenance Gardens:
  • You do not need to attend to your garden constantly. You can go ahead with vibrant perennials that bloom effortlessly and do not require replanting. Also, growing creeping phlox or thyme to cover the ground adds colour and suppresses weeds. Isn't nature simply beautiful?

Ashton Services, Buffalo : Landscaping Experts

At Ashton, landscapers have extensive experience working in various terrains across Buffalo, NY. They have intricate knowledge of present soils, from Brant to Marilla, and deliver perfectly suitable landscaping solutions.

We have delivered landscapes befitting the properties located on the slopes of Pendleton Hills or the flat plains of Wales. If you wish to see more, you can visit the serene backyard retreats in Colden, the vibrant flower beds in Collins, or the landscapes with calming water elements in Lancaster.

Ashton Services has delivered impeccable landscapes at these locations. We even provide landscaping solutions in Lackawanna, Akron, Evans, and NY. We take pride in delivering the best possible combination of nature's best with human creativity.

If you are a Buffalo, NY, resident looking for value-for-money gardening and lawn care service, Ashton Services, a family-driven venture, is committed to delivering the best possible lawn care and landscaping services with a personalized touch.

With a promise of quality services to the community, they offer the following services - 

Lawn Mowing Buffalo, NY:

Keep the lawn of your Buffalo home tidy and thriving with Ashton Services' professional lawn mowing services. They do their best to maintain a manicured lawn without your efforts.

Lawn Fertilization Buffalo, NY: 

A well-nourished lawn offers a relaxed and serene atmosphere. Ashton Services offers lawn fertilization services in Buffalo NY, to ensure proper grass nourishment for healthy, vibrant growth.

Sod Installation Buffalo, NY:

If you crave a lush, green lawn instantly to enjoy a beautiful yard in no time, then choose Ashton Services offers expert sod installation services in Buffalo. 

If you are searching for Lawn Care Services Near Me while residing in Buffalo and surrounding areas, sign up with Ashton Services, which provides comprehensive solutions to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Why Ashton Services?

Ashton Services operates from Buffalo, NY, and is well-versed in the local soil, climate, and horticultural challenges to deliver better lawn and landscape services.

Ashton Services offers comprehensive solutions from landscaping, deck building, and more under a single roof. They pay equal attention to all tasks, big or small, with precision and care and are committed to customer satisfaction and excellent service.  Ashton Services adopts an eco-friendly approach and delivers sustainable environmental care.

Contact Ashton Services today, to create your low-maintenance dream landscape!